July Empties , Favorites & a Lil Skincare Chit Chat!


Hellow Beautiful!What are you upto today ? As I’d been MIA ,I’ve had some of you contact me and see if everything was alright :) Thank you ,Tha is very sweet of you’ll . Today I bring you my JulyEmpties , Favorites &  sharing my updated skincare routine on my journey to better skin. Enjoy!



This month I actually didn’t finish that many products, so this list will look a bit short,

STREETWEAR LIPSTICK IN PINK FORTRESS : The color is creamy in finish, and it is super awesome.It is so thick so it lasted me for months. for me it kind of washes me out so I mix it with my mac nakedproof to get that perfect ,suitable nude . The lipstick comes in a black and silver plastic packaging (I’m not impressed )but are very moisturising though for the price of 200 ($2). its can be a perfect nude for fair skinned girls. (scroll down for the swatch) Do check this affordable beauty out. With so many colors, something is bound to catch your eye. decently pigmented & Super moisturising . Not gonna purchase it again , looking forward to trying Streetwear red rose lipstick which would suit all skintones beautifully.

BURT’s BEES BANANA & BEEWAX HAND CREAM :    Oh my gosh, every time I use this I fall in love with it all over again.This is probably my most used hand cream because it is smells beautiful. This is a thick, moisturizing cream, which feels almost  like cold butter (a bit greasy , lot won’t like that formula ). made from all natural ingredients like beewax , sweet almond oil , sun flower oil , grapefruit seed extract etc .. My Mom’s sister  has always applied handcream all day long so I think I’ve copied her from a young age and become obsessed. My hands do not get dry often but I just love nice smelling handcreams as well as having soft hands. Since I’ve been interested in trying more of  Burt’s hand products I’m going to give Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream a go! on its way , cannot wait :D The glass jar doesn’t feel tough enough to toss into a clutch,I hope they will  built something a little better for travel.




I’ve got a bunch of favorites for this month . I’ve chosen products that I have used on a regular basis this month and I feel that they deserve some praise! So let’s go ahead and get started!!

VASELINE HEALTHY WHITE BODY LOTION    Really works! I’ve been using this product for three weeks consistently, and I have notice in one particular area that it has decreased darkness from a scar that was a few months old. This product works. I was surprised. I don’t believe that it’ll work for really old scars, but it’s worth the try.I just gotta keep using it everyday.it  just takes a while for the results to kick in.It smells great and the bottle is a pretty nice size for the value. Will definitely buy more  when I run out!! wonderful product to use. I would recommend to  try it.

BATH & BODYWORKS Aromatherapy Lavender Chamomile Sleep body lotion ♥  I’m not sure I could ever convey just how much I love the scent of lavender  , I absolutely love the BBWaromatherapy collection, especially the stress relief and sleep products! & the Aromatherapy Lavender Chamomile Sleep body lotion is the BOMB!! I usually only use it after work or fishing outdoors on a long sunny day before I go to bed(I had to use it like every other day as I had to cover night shifts at work ) it really does make falling asleep a little easier & the smell is very relaxing .I wake up refreshed everytime… its like a mini spa day in my house…very soothing! I plan on trying out all of the aromatherapy products. But Lavender & Chamomile will always be my fave :*




Nature’s Secrets (a Srilankan Skincare line) Sun & Fun Daily Protection Sunscreen Lotion ♥  We all know how important is sunscreen concerning the changes in the environment and impacts of it on our skin. Damage from sun causes skin issues like wrinkles, tan, pre mature ageing etc. Therefore a sun block with good amount of spf is necessary. I would recommend you to try this sunlotion especially if you’re a beginner with sunscreens. I do not use it on my face , only on my neck ,hands when I’m under the sun.Usually products of this brand can be equite expensive. Thus, this is a great point to start .Easily available anywhere if you live in srilanka . I have definitely tried a lot from their skincare line and I’m quite impressed. I will definitely review a few of them later on :)


Nature’s Secrets Aloe Miracle Foot Care Cream : Thankfully I have no issues with dry or cracked skin on my feet. but Foot care is an important part of our beauty regimen since It’s not often easy to moisturize and protect our feet multiple times throughout the day.When it comes to Foot care  Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion has to be my first love but it ispretty expensive so i swiched to using Nature’s Secrets Aloe Miracle Foot Care Creamwhich is very affordable & can be found anywhere in SL .If you have tried all kinds of foot creams and failed to get the desired results, give this a try once and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.This cream is  easily soaked in by the skin of my feet and there is no heavy or uncomfortable feeling as a result.Love the wonderful Mild  fragrance of aloe which is very much likeable ♥ 




MAC VIVAGLAMIII (for those perfect statement lips) :   Gotta try this as I was hunting for a slightly darker shade from brown family which would not look too gothic but lift and brighten the face without looking over the top.I would describe the color as a nice pink-based brown with plum undertones. It is my current fave go to lippy love from MAC and suits me really the way I wanted it.The staying power of this lipstick is pretty good. If you are looking for a unique shade of brown with plumundertones, this would the best shade! Plus it dual ability to be used as a muted day wear or dark and bold evening wear, surely makes it a winner in glam range.( I have swiped it just once below and you can have an idea how pigmented it is.)


BOOTS LipSalve in  Spearmint  : this is probably my favourite lipsalve. the spearment scent is really yummy and quite unusual i think (at least for me – i don’t think i own any mint lip balms). this is easy to use and does the job of protecting my lips pretty well. This was given by my boyfriend though ;)



This MUG!! ^_^ OH yes, I am one of those people who is obsessed with cute Mugs , Bedding Sheets etc .. I wanted to share it because it’s very pretty.when I saw these I knew I had to have one! I’ve been using it every day since I got it :)


I can’t wait to see what goodies I choose for August! I always have so much fun choosing my favorites.Make sure you check out my lifestyle favorites that will be up on the blog soon!

My Current  skincare routine



Here is my updated skin care routine and the miracle products that helped to keep my acne under control. I have had acne pretty much half of my life and it is one of the worst things  a person can go through. I have used many products in order to get rid of my acne as well as the horrible scars that acne leaves behind. After spending so much money on many different products I finally found the perfect products that work for my skin.I even went as far as to go to the dermatologist to get prescription products for my face. Those however only irritated my entire face  My skin has gotten so uncontrollably oily that I had to create my own oil combatting skin care routine.So I have resorted to relying on good oil-free/oil-fighting products like these to keep the oil at bay. I did a lot of researches & read reviews on these products before making the purchase .so here  they are

  • Clean & clear Face wash  lemon face wash
  • Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight And Fade Gel
  • Neutrogena Rapid clear 2in1 fight & fade toner (I had a lot of post acne marks the toner helped to reduce them . This product was an extraordinary , it removes  dirt and helps a lot :) i recommend this product.)
  • TBS Tea tree Pore minimizer (I use it when i go out , as a primer or i sometimes wear it by itself  . It gives off a slight matte finish , which I like )
  • Zifam gold jojoba & rose extract, rejuvenating Night oil contains 30 applicaps (From australia)

GOLD JOJOBA is exceptionally effective in removing dark patches as well as  wrinkles, nourishes your skin while giving you a soft supple skin with a golden shine. Each applicap contains Jojoba Oil(Gold) – 300.00m Natural Vitamin E – 5.00 IU . I’ve seen many rave reviews about this so I definitely want to give it a try. It may be more expensive than other oils, but the benefits are well worth it I’ve been using this the whole month , every night without fail , it is very soothing and soaks into my skin almost instantly,My skin loves it . My skin feels very fresh in the morning that i don’t even like to wash off .absolutely in love & definitely repurchasing once i run out . And another Best Acne Treatment That Works Fast is  turmeric & yogurt face mask, I use this face pack without fail atleast 2 times in a week,I have been using it over 2 months now, and I see a very good change in my skin naturally, Finally my skin problems are reducing day by day . I hope this post will be helpful to those of you who struggle with acne. Never give up hope!!

What are some of your favorite natural skin care products and skin care tips? Comment below and let me know!!

Thanks for stopping by :) Love you all! wishing you all much happiness & blessings . mwah :*




Head over to my FB page to enter if interested :)  you can win these along with some other  goodies ,will post pictures once I get them, here is the link https://www.facebook.com/azy.shey/photos/a.274351166055901.1073741828.274183299406021/328326737325010/?type=1&theater! & yes It is open International :)Image

June Favorites + Empties ♥




Hi everybody! :) How are you all ? I woke up this morning at 7.30 and I was absolutely starving!  I’m writing this post over a Bowl of hot Cheese pasta . (Yummm!!!)  ^_^

June has just flown by ,Here are some things Ive been eyeing and trying and loving this June!So ill start from the Empties , LET’S GO!!




TBS SATSUMA BODY BUTTER : as I told before I’m Not too fond of citrus frangrances but I gave it a go since I’ve never tried any products from  Satsuma range .I bought this in January& could finish it up before it expires ,I have used few other body butters from The Body Shop & this one  is just awesome. The smell of shea butter and fresh satsuma is just amazing  .It was very light and easy to apply .since i quite enjoy the citrusy fragrance I’m going to  try the sweet lemon body butter the next , EEEEEKK

SERI(a Sri Lankan skin care line) MOISTURIZING LOTION , ROSE w/ Milk : specially designed For Oily Skin , The best natural lotion I’ve come acrosss so far , I just uber love  the scent of roses and how it makes my skin soft & makes me  feel so elegant.

LUX White Impress Body Wash: a new body wash that I have been loving lately because of it’s fragrance.When I saw the new Advertisement of the LUX White Impress I was really eager to try it lol .Enriched w/mulberry extracts , honey &  micro crystals to replenish skin’s moisture & to reavels a radiant look . absolutely a repurchase as it certainly gives a glowing skin :) if you like body washes with good fragrance you can try this out.

Dreamron Silicone hair treatment : I’ve been using this for almost 2 years & it keeps me satisfied .The one & only oil I use in my haircare routine , love how it makes my hair look healthier, shinier and more vibrant. It strengthens the hair and avoids fromdryness, protect the hair from damages occurring due to sun & harsh environmental factors & Repairs the damaged hair and avoids split ends assuring good health & better shine.
I am really happy with what became my favorites this month.. I only have a few favorites , let’s get right into them.DSCN1084




Modelsprefer Blush in desk to date : got this in my MODELS PREFER BEAUTY TO GO CREAM AND COMPACT BLUSH KIT , which contains two similarly toned blushes, one in cream form, and the other a powder!  I personally like the packaging of the compact blush. It’s simple, cute, and you can see what the product looks like without opening it.  It’s a warm coral-pink shade, with a little bit of gold shimmer. It is well pigmented, and gives me a natural flush of pink.  just a light brush of this on your cheeks would be the perfect daytime look or You can build it up and it’ll be great for a night out as well.

ALMAY Color+Care Liquid Lip Balm in rosy lipped : It’s a great everyday lip color and Rosyliped is the color I recommend because it does work for many skin tones and it simply enhances your own lip color while making lips look healthy and glossy.

 GOYA Jasmine fragnance :  ( GOYA : Sri Lanka’s favourite brand of fragrances )There’s nothing like the soothing scent of Jasmine to wake up to.my mom gave this to me as a random gift , I really loved the light floral scent of the jasmine , it is a good everyday fragnance & very affordable ,Don’t have to be expensive to be awesome!  have been using this the whole month & have fallen in love with it
over and over again… I’m going to try out their rose fragnance the next , it is so calling my name ;)


Alrighty, that’s everything for this month, What have you favorites been this month?? Any empties? Let me hear!!

Lastly, I’m not going to Promise about being Back soon as I will Genuinely be busy with my Office Work but I will  be chatting with you all soon. until next , Lotsa love & blessings :*



Hi girlfriends! :) I hope you all keeping well , Today I will share with you my goto palettes that I tend to grab the most every time . hope you enjoy!



Yes,these are the palettes that I use the most when I wear makeup, my most used and most loved beauties in my collection :)

Here’s an overview of the packaging. Australis keeps it nice and sleek as always 



First I will start off with my AUSTRALIS PRETTY PASTELS which is limited edition & Travel friendly. Like all Limited Edition palettes from Australis, they have full disclosure on what’s inside, so you don’t bring it home and get a nasty surprise after you open it lol  ,They also have a few tips.Some might think this is a boring palette but still You can create a beautiful pastel look using this . It comes with blush, bronzer, pressed powder & three eye shadows. I’m in love with the pressed powder , simply because it was very easy to apply and it produces a very natural flush of color.  I mix it w/ my Nyx mineral matte finishing powder to get that flawless complexion , Have to say this palette contains One of my favourite matte powder blushes which is a Pastel rosy shade  & The bronzer has shimmer, so for those who are matte bronzer only lovers, this one isn’t for you. The shimmer is relatively subtle though, and looks stunning in combination with the matte blush.

It also comes with a mirror, which is super handy ,This definitely gets the thumbs up from me and I’d definitely recommend you try get your hands on one if you live in Australia :)


Now for some swatches!








My second love is this AUSTRALIS NEUTRALS & NEONS Limited Edition Palette .

The Neutrals & Neons palette is definitely a great idea!You can create some natural-bold looks using this . Comes with 4 awesome Neutrals & 4 Neons + a double ended applicator. This is one of the super gorgeous eyeshadow palettes I have ever used. The colours are so versatile and the pigmentation is amazing .The neutrals seem so easy to use and perfect for any occasion,  where the neons seem to be ‘ so much fun ‘ .

a good  palette for spring and summer ,would be great for people who wear both types of eyeshadows :)



These swatches were taken in direct sunlight without a primer  ,that’s how bright they are (The orange and green are definitely a little brighter than the blue and pink)


 Hope you enjoyed this Pics loaded post , Have a blessed Friday ahead!!  <3


P.S Thank you toMakeupmagic88 on YT for generously sending me these palettes.

Collective Haul :) ♥

Hellow baby cakes  :) how are you all ? I’m back with another Haul post , EEkk Did a little shopping yesterday & ended up getting a few MU products/more like “accidentally bought some stuff that I don’t need for now ”  ;) JK Let’s see what I got, shall we?!DSCN0175

Ck infinite hydration moisturizing mini foundations in Soft beige :Not for myself , they are for one of my white girlfriends  lol , I was surprized as I saw the mini ones ..  & I hope it will give her a good coverage.

 L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara :  I bought the Limited Edition one but its the same formula and packaging in a different color.  DSCN0198It gives a lot of length to my long lashes already  :) It does not break my lashes and it is also very easy to remove with makeup remover. My lashes didnt look clumpy at all , they looked very natural & healthy .Overall I LOVE THIS PRODUCT & If you haven’t tried this out it is worth a shot!

 Clinique blush in Iced lotus : grabbed it since i loved the color . This is my very first CLINIQUE powder blush , It looks like a cool lavender in the container  but boy i might have been allergic to one of the ingredients because when I applied this on my face i got small bumps under the skin  :( Not repurchasing it but Definitely worth the price tag! This product can be a wonderfull gem for anyone who doesn’t have acne prone and sensitiv skin  :) giving it to one of my friends .

 MISS SPORTY mini me lip liner in Water melon: I’m not a lip lining person . I hardly buy lip liners . This color is just georg & I’m obsessed with everything named WATER MELON . No wonder , it is my  favourite fruit :P

Picked up a Dual -ended Sliming (Black & Brown) Brow pencil . It is absolutely amazing  & I’m sorry , I forgot to show off how it  looks like inside,  .this is going to be one of my Holy grails . Easy to carry around , the Thin slanted tip contour brows for a more defined shape . very cheap & Love love love it ♥

 W&W Mono eye shadow in fine wine: .Beautiful color & grate for  everyday wear & very affordable  :)

Wet n Wild Professional Care DIAMOND SHINE E71631: never tried this before ,  had to pick it since I Was looking for a good top coat .Jordana’s & Street wear’s were my all time favos but  I wanted to try out a new one , so yeaah gave it a go .

Wet & wild Megalast lipgloss in Pink Perfection:  it is a light shimmery ballet pink & it is also for my white girlfriend .

some swatches :) I had seperate swatches  pictures of the clinique blush & the mono eyeshadow , unfortunately they’d got deleted , idk how but still you can have a look ov the colors . Enjoy!!


Thanks alot for reading , love you guys &  I hope you all have a lovely day! SHEY ♥

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

theveryinspiringbloggerawardI Thank the ever so fabulous Angie from RUBYANGEL711 for nominating me for this award , which made me very Happy :) I absolutely  love her passion for FASHION & Her blog is wonderful and full of all things beautiful. she is such a sweetheart & I love her open opinions .she inspires me so much when it come to fashion & styling , I learn something new whenever I read her posts .I Highly recommend you stop by and see her beautiful photos and writing.I swear you won’t regret it!

So let’s  get started  with the rules of this award:

  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
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  1.  I live in a little  country called Sri Lanka. We have so much beautiful natural and national treasures and it’s really a nice country to live in.
  2. My favourite meal of the day is Breakfast ! I am a breakfast queen, actually ;)
  3. i spend about two hours getting ready, about an hour of that time is procrastination and making faces in the mirror.
  4. My mom is my bestfriend who I can tell anything to :)
  5. My eyes & hair are naturally dark black ♥
  6. I write a diary eeevery day. I can’t actually imagine life without writing, so important it has become to me.
  7. I still watch cartoons :) Garfield , Oggy and the Cockroaches , Courage the Cowardly Dog , Powerpuff Girls & Tom & Jerry   are my Faves :*

I nominate the following 15 amazing Blogs ♥

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 Congrats to everyone! Keep Inspiring <3

Thanks for stobbying by :) Have a fabby day ahead!!




Helow Beauty Queens :))I hope you all enjoying your day so far , I have now been back to blogging  and so happy about it :)

Today I would like to introduce you to some of my Current favorite products that have become part of my daily routine. Some of them were gifts  and some I stumbled upon on my own.

Apart from the Burt’s bees Hand cream & the Nyx gel liner(I uber love them already & I’ve probably mentioned it before)  Here are a few items that, as of late, I’ve found myself frequently pulling from my cosmetic bags.





I got this for my birthday from one of my cousin sisters . It is a warm beige peachy shade &  is great for everyday.although My skin is super oily  it stays all day. There aren’t any dupes available of the shade in the catalog already so the shade is unique. Later, after I’ve finished all of my makeup, I go back and dust it on certain spots of my cheeks for a little extra beaut ;)





Infact this is not mine , My sis won a motives liquid fondation by winning a giveaway over at  The Nor Cal Gold Motives Team & Ronica (team leader of  the The Nor Cal Gold Motives Team )  was generous enough to send this along w/ the foundation :) We had a family party  &  I had to get my hands on this last monday , It is so sweet that my sister always shares her suff w/ me  ;)



I was extremely surprised to find out how soft this brush was. I believe the way the brush head is made that makes the application such a dream.

It allows you to get right into all the nooks and crannies of your face – that bit around the nose, the bit between your nose and lips, the bit between your brows. Its great for that.

I used it with a liquid foundation and it made my skin look so much better! If you look closely at the brush you’ll notice the bristles are fluffed up,the brush feels luxurious to the touch .We’ve thrown out all the other foundation brushes now and replaced them with this lovely! The brush can be washed easily when cleaned with luke warm water and a brush cleanser (or a mild face wash). The brushes hairs didn’t fall out once unlike other branded one’s i own .

The brush looks very neat and professional as well

So far I’ve yet to find any cons , You can oder yours on the The Nor Cal Gold Motives Team  :) This is a great brush to own!

Become a fan of  The Nor Cal Gold Motives Team to know  more about MOTIVES COSMETICS  & participate in Givaways if you would like to try out Movtives products .


DSCN0202 (2)

Although I’m not much of a lipgloss wearer ,I was very impressed when I tried this lip gloss for the first time. Makeupmagic88 on YT had sent me this awhile back .I got it in the shade GYPSYROSE , I could get my hands on this a few weeks back & have become my current  go-to lippy.


I love this shade and the pigmentation is perfect . I love the fragrance & the shimmer it in. The gloss comes in a plastic tube with a nozzle like applicator but I tend to apply it to my fingers then swipe them over my lips for a lighter application.The reason why i love it so much because once applied it lasts for ages, doesnt get that yucky stickyness in the corner of your mouth like some glosses, it is smooth and very moisturizing


Mirenesse glosses just get better all the time.They are Available on  www.mirenesse.com .

if you happen to buy one/some yourself, let me know what you think of it :)


So That’s all I have for now.

What beauty products are you currently into? Let me here cuz I’m always looking to try something new. . Make sure you follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook  to see more of my day to day obsessions.

&  Thank you for dropping by,

Have a lovely day , Lotsa love & kisses :*